Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011


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remo hat gesagt…

one of those stories i cant really say whether true or purely fictional...:
after a monster hop (something like 144km and a lot of altitude) they arrived in enid where apparently the final of us baseball championchip took place. spontaneously they decided to join the game. when the lady at the cashpoint asked what team they are supporting they said that they just are two swiss bikers on their way to new york. the cashpointlady then thought it is just appropriate to give them two VIP tickets including dinner. the point that makes me doubt about the accuracy of that story is that urs apparently happend to forget his camera. therefore: no pictures... hmmmmm

Priska&Paul Wermelinger hat gesagt…

Hallo Silvia & Urs! Mit grossem Intresse lesen wie eure Reiseberichte. Ein "grosses Bravo" für eure super Leistung! Wir wünschen euch weiterhin gute Fahrt!! Priska & Paul Wermelinger aus Eschenbach

Anonym hat gesagt…

Salü metenand,

Hoffentlich habt Ihr wieder Eure Stimmen nach diesem mächtigen Geschrei im Stadion wieder. Die Berichte werden immer spannender.

Es Grüessli us Emme